Hammer and Stain Upper Montclair is now going mobile! We will bring the party to you. If you want the in studio experience come join us at our new location Hammer and Stain at the Jersey Shore

Upper Montclair Studio

Hammer & Stain at the Jersey Shore is located at:                                                                289 South Main Street                                                                                                            Barnegat, NJ   08005                                                                                                        201-396-5037                                                                                                            Hammer & Stain Upper Montclair is a mobile studio                                                  Serving Upper Montclair and the surrounding northern New Jersey area
(973) 707-5794

Below is a sampling of our available projects. Choose the desired project and enter the date and time you would like to come. Please note that some projects may need 48 hour notice depending on availability. We will contact you if there is any questions on your order.


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